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November 23, 2016



The new CEO of your company is coming to your Zürich office, the global Head of Marketing went home sick and you have been asked to replace him and present the projects the department is working on. You have 3 hours before facing the big boss.


If you failed at delivering a good presentation, you risk damaging your professional reputation, you may not get the results you want and it could impact negatively on the future of the whole department and its current projects.


Does it sound familiar? 


I will be short: Save yourself some headaches and stress by keeping your presentation S-I-M-P-L-E. SIMPLE is an acronym to help you with your preparation, and it is far from being rocket science!





Is my presentation structured and easy to follow?

Introduce your message quickly, be clear, develop your points in a structured way and finish with a call to action and a conclusion that has impact.





Does my presentation have impact?

To have impact means to have a major effect. Make sure you mix data with narrative, theory with examples to highlight the point you want to make leading the audience to take action in your favour.





Does my presentation have a clear message?

Get to the point. It has to be clear and concise. You want to keep one overall message or call to action per presentation.





Are my points pertinent and relevant?

Whatever you are adding to your presentation must relate directly and significantly to the matter at hand.





Is my presentation lively?

This relates to the way you deliver your speech. Prepare for fluidity, pause instead of using filer words, slick up your slides (5 words max per slide), speak loud enough - aim for the back of the room, unless of course your audience is 5 people around the table, beware of your posture (even seated!), articulate. 





Do I use words economically?

In a presentation, less is more. Make each word counts. Edit ruthlessly. Don’t use two words where one is sufficient. Keep sentences short. Brevity and clarity are the best thing.



Breathe in and out, smile and you will be fine!


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