Me, myself and I

January 8, 2017



This week, your inbox is filling up with good wishes from colleagues, middle managers and executives celebrating the festive season and end of the year.


It is indeed a perfect opportunity to reflect on the last 12 months results and to motivate employees.  Perfect opportunity when used wisely, perfect opportunity when inclusive, perfect opportunity when employees come first.


Now a client of mine forwarded me the email he received from his CEO. This came with a laughing Emoticon and no further comment.




Please notice that over the first four lines of the text, “WE” comes once and “ME, MYSELF and I” comes not one, not two but seven times!


Nothing wrong with having an Ego, however may I suggest to refrain from widespread demonstration of it when trying to motivate your staff and wishing them well in your end of year wishes?


Asking from your employees to engage in the company’s success and future when your rhetoric shows you only care about yourself, is lacking common sense, coherence and your email might be shared with nothing more than a laughing Emoticon. Worse, imagine if you had to deliver these words to your department and your associates start rolling their eyes!


In case you have the last minute task to deliver or write a note to wish your dear employees and colleagues a merry Xmas and happy New Year, try to start with YOU or WE.


To you dear reader, have fun, relax and celebrate!


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