One voice over Thousands

January 20, 2017



Italy, Rome, bright sunshine, crisp wind and culture, this is how happiness looks and feels in its ultimate form. On the 30th of December my husband booked a tour of the Vatican Museum.  We want to learn, enjoy and expose our 11 and 9 years old daughters to art and history. A guided tour is the best option.


It is the best option also because other people from the 4 corners of the planet have the same brilliant idea to spend the end of year celebrations in Rome.  There are thousands of tourists. 





Our tour guide is a perky middle-age Italian woman, carrying a small dynamic frame, and wearing the ultimate sartorial Italian sun glasses (she kept them even in the Sistine Chapel – they do not compromise with style over there!). First impression is excellent, we are a melting pot of 12 different nationalities in the group, and she takes the time to address each of us individually with a hand shake, a big smile and kind words. I like her already. 





The tour starts with…queuing, for a good 45 minutes. It looks messy and overwhelming. I would have happily dropped the group to run away to a small café and enjoy a strong Espresso.  However, our guide entertains us with epic stories and facts on the ancient Rome, the Papal system and anecdotes on the Swiss Guards. Already her talent as a story teller, able to grab the attention of her group surrounded by a complete mayhem, impresses me.





As we pass security of the Vatican Museum, our tour guide produces a mic and we are all given an ear piece set. Perfect, now we only hear her voice over the thousands in the background.  


One voice over thousands giving precise and skillful information on the construction of the building, the history of the pieces, the tortured mind of Michelangelo.…she knows so much, she answers all the questions in a respectful and adapted language. Remember, we are a group of 12 diverse parts of the world and 2 members in the audience are 9 and 11! She forgets no one, she includes everyone.


Skills beat it all, when you know your subject, when you are an expert; and you are willing to truly share, people want to listen to you.





The visit is taking us through the main rooms of the Vatican, its garden, finishing off with the famous Sistine Chapel leading us out to St Peter square. We re-group regularly around our tour guide; she makes sure she loses nobody.  Also it gives her the opportunity to introduce each different theme while talking to us and looking at us all. Then we all wander, her voice still pouring information into the ear piece and still she keeps our attention.  This lady is simply amazing. Her voice is engaging us on and off her eyesight.



Skills, passion and practice are a powerful trio of competence to include in your next speech. For your Audience, be a roman tour guide, be the one voice to be heard over thousands.



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