December 5, 2017


"Life is an echo, what you send out comes back.” - Zig Ziglar



Reciprocation is one of many principles of influence based on the fact that we should try to repay “in kind” what another person has provided us with.


Our ancestors learned to share their food and their skills as an honored sense of obligation.

Before gold, money or Bitcoin, this was the standard on which our ancestors implemented, basing value on what they could provide and receive. It is a powerful tool to influence, as it is deeply ingrained in our human DNA.


When you are presenting in front of an audience, the principle of Reciprocation applies: You are on stage to give to your audience and the more you give the more likely it is that your audience will respond positively.


Responding positively can be expressed – for example - by talking about your ideas to your Management, leading you to become a key change maker in your company, or by recommending your services/products to their network and thus growing yours and their business.


When you take the stage (or the meeting room), your goal is to lead the audience to:

  1.       Do something

  2.       Learn something of value

  3.       Inspire or persuade them

You are not only giving them information, you are also sharing an experience with them.

By giving your audience something of value, you effectively engage in the same process as when you buy a meaningful present for that special someone.



To achieve this, you must: 

  1. First, know WHAT is of value to them,

  2. Second, understand WHY it matters to them  

  3. Third, HOW you can deliver this present in the most efficient form.


By applying this insight to the content of your presentation, it will set you apart from many other Speakers.



But this is not all, the wrapping of the present is critical to making the experience memorable for the audience.


Your voice and physicality should match the intention of giving to the audience.

It's hard to persuade a room if the presenter sounds gruff or is physically closed off.


Give your audience the exciting and vivid experience that you would like to receive yourself.



My personal view is that there are only rewards when you give generously to your audience during a presentation, and I do so every time I have the honor to take the stage.






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