To influence an audience, be relevant to them.

December 8, 2017



If influence is the capacity to have an effect on someone’s behavior, surely enough, finding what makes people tick is the key to trigger the influencing effect. 


Let’s use the science of common sense to demonstrate this principle:


If you were to go fishing, what kind of bait will you use to make sure you can catch a fish?

A worm, a fly or a grasshopper might be the most sensible answers.

Yet, I am taking a wild guess and assume this is not your favorite food – It will not cross your mind to dangle a Burger, Pizza or Ice Cream in front of a fish because it is what you like to eat not the fish.


It is the same thing when you want to influence people.


The only way to influence other people is to talk about what they want or have interest in and then to show them how to attain the item of interest.


To influence an audience, be relevant to them, to what they care about and make sure you give them the tools to attain this.


If you want to be an influential speaker, be inspiring by always taking to heart what is important for your audience. 




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