February 6, 2018





1·         Metaphors get your audience to think in a different way. They open up new perspectives.

2·         They make complex concepts simple. Visual metaphors let your audience process ideas better as the verbal and the visual support each other.

3·         They are familiar. Metaphors are creative and thought-provoking, they talk to the emotional part of your audience’s brains.


Donald Trump uses metaphors extensively, some may argue it could have been his way of winning the elections.


1·         “China is raping our country” 

2·         “We have the cards, don’t forget it”.

3·         “Shake the rust off American foreign policy.”


Trump's speaking style and use of metaphors gives the impression that he is having a conversation with friends or colleagues by the coffee machine rather than giving a prepared speech to a mass audience. Understandably, his supporters describe him as being an “authentic, trustworthy, and relatable” character.


Having said that, his style, and inconsistency in the use of the metaphors (The “raping” and “cards” having been used in the same speech) is being perceived as completely erratic by professional speech writers.


While I am not convinced that Metaphors alone can win a country's election, I know for sure that it is a powerful tool that can bring influential impact to your presentations.






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