April 24, 2018

A question often asked: How do you get ready for your speech?




Stage zero, of course, is preparation and speechcraft. Then the fun starts…


First, I go out in the woods and rehearse out loud.

I do wear my earphone to pretend I have not completely lost my mind. By doing so, I embed the speech structure and certain key sentences. The speech gets adjusted accordingly. English being my second language, some words may be more challenging to pronounce, hence after this rehearsal “a voix haute” I may select different vocabulary or sequences of it.


Second, I test the speech in front of a trusted audience.

By trusted I mean that the feedback from this specific audience can be as raw and as unfiltered as it can be. I trust and respect their opinions. It is also crystal clear that they have the best intention regarding my wish to get better, stronger and more robust in my professional development.


Third I visualize optimistically the “after speech” scene.

The Audience having a truly positive response to the speech I just gave them, I visualize them smiling, note taking with interest, clapping... Anything that can support my confidence. I try to be as detailed as possible so it feels real. I also recall positive memories or feedback I received from previous performances.


How do you get ready for your presentations?

Who is your trusted audience that will give you feedback on your presentation in the making and take your Public Speaking to the next level?

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