October 1, 2018


It was a crisp autumn morning, I was in third grade, the Teacher just gave us a math problem to solve: "You have 15 Francs in your pocket, you want to buy a subscription for Mickey Magazine, your Mum gives you 2 Francs of Pocket money per week. How many weeks do you need to wait to afford your annual subscription which costs 30 Francs?"



Everybody around me was scribbling away, counting on their fingers, eager to find the right answer. I could not understand why I should wait for my pocket money. This did not make any sense. My answer was to get jobs done, chores completed, bet and win at marbles game, sell cookies...and get my subscription paid before anybody else. That was my logic.



Creativity is one of my core values. It has always been. Yet I was told throughout school that I was wrong, that my approach to Math was not adequate (fair enough). That I did not follow the logic, that thinking this way will never get me anywhere. I was heading for a failed life.



Hence I complied and killed a little bit of creativity within me. I feared to be me.
It took me years to stop trying to be what I am not.



When clients start working on their fear of Public Speaking, the underlying fear is the fear of being wrong, to be wrong in front of an audience, to be the fool in the room. To be rejected by the tribe.



Tackling your fear of Public Speaking to become a confident speaker is being brave enough to face the fear of being wrong, and start working and loving that energy that will push the boundaries of your comfort zone. The good thing is, you do not have to do it on your own.



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