October 1, 2018


Moved by this wonderful and powerful article in National Geographic. In awe at the resilience of this amazingly strong Human Being. Full respect in the surgery talents deployed.



Some of my followers may know that in my 20’s I was disfigured due to a car crash. That day, I lost the first love of my life and I lost completely self-respect.



After 28 hours of surgery and life long losses of one ear, sight on the right eye, complete loss of smell - I was technically declared 45% disabled.

Resilience, recovery, self-acceptance and self- confidence have been a life long journey, a daily battle, a trophy I dearly cherish and respect because I know how fragile we all are.



When some are getting annoyed with the loss of their youth, the glow of juvenile cheeks fading away, the length of a nose, remember... your face is perfect, it supports all the functions and senses. You can breathe, talk, taste, smell.



The muscles support all the emotions you need to represents who you are to the world.

It is only when you lose it all or partially that you realize how wonderful our Human architecture is.



Today, tomorrow and in the future, live your life as if it matters. We all have what it takes to chose who we want to be: a victim or a winning warrior ... the choice is yours. Always.



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