October 29, 2018

" A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer"

- L.A Seneca


On Sunday night, I stayed up until after midnight. 
There were so many things I wanted to do to make Monday morning so perfect.

I set up the breakfast with colorful glasses & cutely, put sparkles on the table, made an apple and cinnamon pie, wrapped up presents, sewed a red ribbon to make a beautiful bow and took the time to craft a happy birthday note for my daughter. She just turned 13 years old.

Even when I was tired, and was longing for my bed, I could only imagine, visualize what I witnessed on Monday morning. Her gleeful smile made this moment enchanting.

Staying up late was easy as I was clear with my intention. I knew exactly how I wanted my teenage girl to react. The birthday wishes were indeed the core message of everything that was staged and prepared. “Happy Birthday” was that specific message I wanted to deliver, and I did it in many ways (Sparkles on the table, the card, the present, the candles, the hugs…) Now. of course, I am going to make the parallel with Public Speaking!

To help yourself with your next preparation, first think about your intention: What is the impact of my speech? What will happen when I stop talking? ... then about your message: In how many different ways can I illustrate my message within my presentation? Is it less than 15 words long? Is it easy for all to understand?

If you want to Impact your audience with your words, have an intention, and have a clear message.

For your next presentation, prepare it as if it was a birthday breakfast party to your own daughter.

Show that you care.

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