Public Speaking Training Sessions


  • A. Public Speaking Excellence Program  
  • B. Speak 4 Impact
  • C. Presentation BootCamp 4 Impact
  • D. Pitch 4 Impact
  • E. Preparation 4 Impact


A. Public Speaking Excellence for Corporate Leaders​

This program is the direct result of intensive interviews with several Executives from the Financial Services Industry.


  • Ten week program / 90 minutes / week, 5 individual sessions & 5 peer group sessions.

  • Four to six participants to start at the same time within the same corporation.

  • Adapted to your individual requirements to become an influential speaker, setting the circumstances for your audience to say “yes” and follow you in your strategy and vision.

  • You join a peer group, where you will be able to find targeted, constructive feedback when you need it and support its members when the opportunity arises for them as well.

In the end, you will be an efficient and charismatic speaker, able to consistently inspire your audience. Furthermore, you will always have a group of peers to turn to for objective and constructive feedback on presentations in the making.


  • No more cold sweats.

  • No more forgetful speeches.

  • No more going on pointless rambles.

Your presentations will be impactful, influential and memorable!



Program’s Process


b. speak 4 impact

Invest in your Public Speaking Skills: Confidence, Preparation, SpeechCraft, Impromptu Speaking and Charisma!

A 5 step program, tailor-made, flexible, targeted training, designed to make you an effective communicator.


  • Learn the structure and experience guided practice needed to become a good Public

  • Speaker.

  • Build your capacity and your ability to communicate confidently and efficiently.

  • Deliver an impactful speech that is easy to follow & leaves a positive impression with your audience.


c. presentation Bootcamp 4 Impact


Become a Champion Speaker for Your Next Presentation!


  • Give your speech.

  • Receive feedback on precise items from a selected audience.

  • Improve your speech on the spot.

  • Receive guided, step-by-step personalized help from a Professional Speaker/ Trainer.

  • Deliver your speech again after having implemented points of feedback and




d. pitch 4 impact


You Have 30 Seconds to Make a Positive Impact, Make them count!

An elevator pitch is an overview of a person/product/service/project and is designed to get a conversation started. It has to be memorable, informative and lead to opening opportunities.


  • As a result of this training, you will have at least one impactful pitch.

  • Hone the tools to create some more on your own.


e. session 4 impact


“How Do I know My Message Will Get Across? Would I Risk My Reputation if I Fail? Am I Going to Influence The Audience to Take Action?”

A Preparation Session offers a full review of your speech, professional feedback, and thorough rehearsals. This is because being comfortable with your answers to these questions is crucial.


  • Elevate your speech to the next level and be prepared to face the audience confidently and deliver your message efficiently.

  • Receive the speaker “must-have-list” and learn to communicate effectively with the organizer prior to the event.

After all, being well prepared is the best asset to lower the stress of speaking to an audience and allows you to showcase the best version of yourself, making your presentation memorable for your audience.




Training sessions & Keynotes are available in English or French.

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