1-Day Presentation Group Bootcamp

Foundations you need to become the speaker you want to be

Who is it for?

  • Do you have a corporate/industry presentation to deliver in the next 6-12 months?

  • Would you like to prepare it with a professional public-speaking trainer in a small group?

  • Are you ready to spend some serious time on speech preparation?


If you answered yes then...

Bootcamp is for You!

What to expect? 

You’ll join a small group of 5 - 8 like-minded professionals and spend a full Saturday learning to prepare, craft, practice and rework your speech.


Expect a mix of theory, practice and evaluation as we work through the following:

  1. Speech foundations

  2. Crafting

  3. Present and Practice: Round 1 with feedback

  4. Sharpen your message

  5. Rework your speech

  6. Present and Practice: Round 2 with feedback

  7. Speak with confidence


By the end of the course, you will have a carefully crafted, well-rehearsed and evaluated speech, ready to deliver with confidence at your next conference or business meeting.

  1-Day Presentation Group Bootcamp



Cécile is an international presentation skills trainer and keynote speaker. She works with Corporations, Universities, and professionals. She is dedicated to helping her clients become the speaker they want to be and inspire the change they want to see. She also delivers inspirational and educational keynotes at industry conferences and universities.

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