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BE CREDIBLE - It's not just about you!

Updated: May 31, 2022

To make your message memorable you need to apply the acronyms of SUCCES: Make your message simple – unexpected – concrete – credible – emotional and use stories.

Today: #4 How to be #credible

According to Aristotle, a persuasive speech has three appeals: logos (logical arguments), pathos (emotional appeals), and ethos (good character of the speaker). Aristotle described ethos as persuasion through character, as to make a speaker worthy of credence.

How do you bring the appeal of Ethos when you are presenting?

...the answers are in the video or blog posted below.

1. Your credibility as a #communicator

If you are meeting an #audience for the first time; have a couple of sentences in the introduction telling “Why you are the right person to speak now, on that topic and to this audience.

But that is not enough, people will assess the #quality of your character and your trustworthiness by:

  • The way you look

  • The way you talk & sound

  • Your confidence

  • How much you care and how prepared you are

  • Your purpose

  • And if you walk the talk

It is about making yourself more credible to become more memorable

2. The credibility of your message

Stats and numbers are good and important to add credibility and validate your point(s) but they are not necessarily very memorable.

The solution is to bring a new perspective and put numbers in context.

For example: If I tell you that a Medium-sized Movie Popcorn and a soda contain over 1’623 calories. You might agree with the number of calories, but it does not tell you much.

However, if this data is put in context and you hear that this is the equivalent to 4 scrambled eggs with cheese, 4 strips of bacon, and 4 sausages…you have created a vivid image in your mind.

Buying popcorn at the movie theater will never be the same.

Here are the benefits of presenting numbers this way:

  • first, it shows you did some further research – It shows you do not mind walking the extra miles, you are considered reliable and you care.

  • second, because your audience can picture easily this opulent and decadent full breakfast, they will associate it with something they can see…and if they can see it, they will remember it. (Link to the blog about "being concrete")

  • third, next time they go to a movie theater, they may think twice about getting #Popcorn and Soda!

Now, this is one step further than just being memorable, you are now also tapping into the #persuasion techniques.

If you and your message are credible – you will be memorable.

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