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Knock the socks off your audience

 Become a highly competent communicator in just over a month

Speak4Impact Academy is the best investment for your ambition

When you present, you want to evoke a reaction in your target audience, your message to be remembered and you want them to act upon that message. 
However, you are nowhere near that efficiency when you present.
As a result, your career development stalls.
If you are frustrated or if you are losing trust in your ability to influence, impact or inspire: 

The Speak4Impact Academy is for you!
Business Woman

working with Cécile is a life-changing experience. It helped me grow into a confident speaker and helped me manage my fears. So much so that fear no longer paralyzes but energizes me.


Head of Institutional Sales

Asset Management


My main motivation was to increase my impact. The fact is, that now, I get an absolute buzz out of speaking in public when well rehearsed. So it is really fun and I would love to do more.

Business Development Director

Financial Institution

Woman in Suit

I like that Cécile is passionate about what she does. I felt like she was really listening to what I wanted to achieve. The best part is that she gave me the tools to have a much bigger impact. And also it was fun.

Managing Director

Pharmaceutical Industry

* 5 training modules to ascend 

  • Module 1: Authentic Confidence

Handle negative emotions before and during your presentation, and develop your executive presence. 

  • Module 2: Foundation for a successful presentation

Understand how to analyze the needs of your audience, craft a message and focus your impact.

  • Module 3: Strategy for content and structure selection

Learn to make your content relevant, persuasive, easy to follow, and valuable to listeners.​

  • Module 4: Feel ready for unexpected questions

Answer assertively any questions with competence, and charisma. Use it as a springboard to your corporate visibility.

  • Module 5: Sharpen your message 

Adapt your content to your nonverbal, enhance the efficiency of your points, and speak like a leader.

* 3 coaching sessions to launch

* Unlimited access to handouts

* Audio or Video recordings of each session

After the program, you’ll be able to



Cecile gave me coaching over 3 sessions to get over my phobia of public speaking, and to improve my presentation technique. I now have a framework in which to prepare speeches & presentations which makes them much less daunting. Of particular benefit was Cecile s coaching on answering impromptu questions, preparing different elevator pitches for different situations, as well as plenty of tips to help with confidence, delivery, posture etc. Thanks, Cecile! 


Christophe L.W, Portfolio Manager, Equities at Longbow Finance SA

  Speak4Impact Signature Programme

Ready to boost your public speaking skills?

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