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From being paralyzed with fear at her first public presentation, to speaking on the “Red Dot” at TEDx…


Public Speaking/Presentation Trainer
and Keynote Speaker

Cécile’s success as a Public Speaking/Presentation Trainer and Keynote Speaker is embedded in her transformation over a journey that started at the same point you are likely facing today. 


Cécile’s energy & confidence is what she draws upon to instil confidence and authority in the top leaders and professionals she works with to perfect their public speaking craft.


My mission is to become a preferred ally of leaders and change-makers so they can influence, impact and inspire to make the world a better place... all that by speaking and connecting better with their audience.


From Career Change into the realm of Public Speaking

Cécile enjoyed a successful 15-year career in Sales in London, Paris & Geneva in which she negotiated international contracts for Risk Management software with major Banks. She then provided Trade & Branding solutions for International Organisations, Pharmaceutical & Telecom companies. 


However, upon moving to Zürich in 2007 Cécile underwent a career change that would launch her into the realm of Public Speaking and Presentation skills.

As the Co-Author and Promoter of two guide books for Expats in 2009 & 2012, Cécile experienced her first taste of the communication industry.  Soon after, she joined the International Public Speaking Club Toastmasters where she is still an active member. 


From that point, a spell was cast and her immersion in the field of Public Speaking soon began.

Launch of Speak4Impact

Speak4Impact was launched in 2016 to transmit Cécile’s experience using her proprietary speechcraft method to everyone from Entrepreneurs and leaders of SMEs to the C-Suite of global firms.

She’s perfected her speaking capabilities and endeavours to assist others to do the same.


Presentation Skills

for Leaders and Changemakers

Book Cécile 

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