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When you give a presentation, do people respond to it, remember it and act on it? 


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I can show you how to master presenting to any audience – from team members to stakeholders – with confidence, integrity and credibility.

Together we will follow my proven process - it works quickly and equips you with tools for the long-term. Everything we do is tailored to you. We work through tried-and-tested techniques designed to suit you and your business culture. That way, you can truly speak as yourself.

Cécile is an outstanding professional who is passionate and very knowledgeable about coaching in the areas of public speaking and presentation. Cécile has guided me through the preparation of presentations and provided valuable insight on how to better grab and keep the attention of the audience. She has pointed out some of the shortcomings in my presentation style and provided constructive and effective feedback during my practice runs. This has in turn improved and streamlined my delivery, resulting in a smoother and more impactful presentation. I am grateful for her having mentored me through this process and having provided me with a structure and a methodology that I can apply in the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation who is looking to improve in the field of public speaking, as they will benefit greatly from her insightful feedback, confidence and expertise.


Andrei B., Managing Director - Corporate Intelligence

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Cécile is an international presentation skills trainer and keynote speaker. She works with Corporations, Universities, and professionals. She is dedicated to helping her clients become the speaker they want to be and inspire the change they want to see. She also delivers inspirational and educational keynotes at industry conferences and universities.

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