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We All Have Our Moments

When giving a keynote on stage or presenting in a meeting room, failing and getting it wrong might happen.

Many reasons are valuable, here are some examples

  • You lacked getting the information you needed.

  • You lacked the preparation time.

  • You lacked concentration due to a bad personal or professional news.

  • You are having a bad day! You feel that you lost your credibility, your motivation, and now you are dreading the next presentation coming up in a couple of days.

Anger, shame, anxiety are ready to creep up your head, ready to sabotage you even further for the next round.


Stop emotional self-flogging! You still have a pulse, failing is not fatal, make sure you learn your lessons and set the circumstances to do better next time.

  1. Analyse what went wrong to concentrate your effort for the next round, visualize what you want to sound, look, and connect like the next time.

  2. Embrace this experience as a learning step.

  3. Seek support from your well-intentioned tribe (colleagues, friends, club….).

  4. …and go back on stage as soon as possible.

What has been your worse day when presenting?

What helped you to overcome this sense of failure?



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