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STORYTELLING - It's all about exciting transformations.

Updated: May 31, 2022

To make your message memorable you need to apply the acronyms of SUCCES: Make your message 1) simple – 2) unexpected – 3) concrete – 4) credible – 5) emotional and 6) use stories.

Today – it is about Storytelling

Why do we use Stories in the first place?

Stories or narratives are shared for four main reasons:

1) entertain

2) educate

3) for cultural preservation or

4) instilling moral values.

What is the role of storytelling for your business presentations?

For business presentation, storytelling gives a sense of purpose and values, such as:

- How do you serve your market?

- How do you solve a crucial pain to your users' thanks to your products or services?

- What does success means for your company and how do you reach it?

What is so special about storytelling and Why are stories so powerful?

Simply because it connects many areas of our brain. Furthermore, stories trigger rises in hormones level!

Oxytocin – the bonding hormone when we recognize ourself in the character

Cortisol – the stress hormone when the conflict is so engaging …the suspense is just unbearable!

And Dopamine is the "feel-good hormone". It is released when there is a great resolution at the end: The "...and they lived happily ever after" effect!

Here is a minimum of 3 elements for you to pay attention to when you add stories to your business presentations:

Element number one: Bring the context and the characters

The concept of introducing the characters is to create a visual image as well as a personality. Be specific.

Instead of describing someone as a "redhead", try to bring a metaphor or two and give more information: “red curly hair that has a mind of its own”.

Element number two: Describe the struggle and the consequence of the struggle

It can be a problem, a dilemma a question…something to overcome and something to be learned.

Last element: The lessons learned and why you are telling this story.

What is the ONE point that your story makes above all other points? ..and why it is a valuable lesson.

We love stories because they are about exciting transformation.

Bring Storytelling to the meeting table, to make your message memorable!

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