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The act of Persuasion, a life constant - #1

Updated: May 31, 2022

🟢 Rhetoric is the set of communication procedures that make it possible to stimulate the support of individuals for the proposals that are put before them. It helps you to convince and persuade your listeners.

🔵 The whole process is based on 3 dimensions:

  • The argumentation

  • The impression that the speaker projects,

  • The emotions that the speaker awakens.

✅ Out of the 3 dimensions, which one(s) do you feel the most competent in?

✅ Which one(s) could be better developed?

The Speak4Impact Academy Become the communicator you deserve to be!

This program gives you the structure and guided practice needed to become a highly competent communicator. Whether you are a Corporate Leader, a Project Manager, or simply feel the need to work on your presentation skills, having to inspire and convince investors or co-workers to engage in your work, get the promotion you deserve or life project. Your ability to communicate confidently and efficiently will lead you to success. Your future depends on it.



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