Are our Goals and Resolutions Enough?

✅ This morning I had a chat with a long-standing speech coaching client. She was sharing that despite the great promotions and her ever extended responsibilities her management is granting her, she is feeling stuck and frustrated.

🔴 Resolutions and goals are not always enough to move forward.

🟢 If you want to change something, you have to do something.

Taking communication action is key to making the change you want.

🔵 Communicating what you do not want (to family, team, boss, peer…) is an important milestone for your growth.

✅ The first step, add to your resolutions for 2022 what you do not want anymore.

✅ The next step, say it!

👉🏻 Have you thought of articulating what is it that you do not want?

👉🏻 Do you know how to articulate it to be heard?

👉🏻 Do you feel confident doing it?




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