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Are our Goals and Resolutions Enough?

Updated: May 31, 2022

✅ This morning I had a chat with a long-standing speech coaching client. She was sharing that despite the great promotions and her ever extended responsibilities her management is granting her, she is feeling stuck and frustrated.

🔴 Resolutions and goals are not always enough to move forward.

🟢 If you want to change something, you have to do something.

Taking communication action is key to making the change you want.

🔵 Communicating what you do not want (to family, team, boss, peer…) is an important milestone for your growth.

✅ The first step, add to your resolutions for 2022 what you do not want anymore.

✅ The next step, say it!

👉🏻 Have you thought of articulating what is it that you do not want?

👉🏻 Do you know how to articulate it to be heard?

👉🏻 Do you feel confident doing it?

The Speak4Impact Academy Become the communicator you deserve to be!

This program gives you the structure and guided practice needed to become a highly competent communicator. Whether you are a Corporate Leader, a Project Manager, or simply feel the need to work on your presentation skills, having to inspire and convince investors or co-workers to engage in your work, get the promotion you deserve or life project. Your ability to communicate confidently and efficiently will lead you to success. Your future depends on it.



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