SEXY - It's not what you think!

To make your message memorable you need to apply the acronyms of SUCCESS.

Today – it is about making your presentation SEXY!

Let's summarize what makes a message memorable:

- Simple – less is more

- Unexpected – break the expectations of a pattern

- Concrete – show, do not tell

- Credible – make people believe what we have to say

- Emotional – Get people to care

- Stories – the best chance for your message to be remembered.

🔵 …and the last one should be ….SEXY!

✅ I am not talking about how short your dress is but how long you engage your audience for!

✅ I am not talking about how deep your décolleté is but how high you lift the spirit of the room!

✅ I am not talking about how tight your shirt is but how ample is your generosity toward your audience.

Being #Confident is sexy.

Being #Vulnerable is sexy

Being #Authentic is sexy

🔵 Sexy is also referring to the attractiveness of your #topic, the likability of your #delivery, the enjoyability of your #content…because it is how your Presentation becomes SEXY!

🔴 Make Yourself Memorable

🔴 and Your #presentation won’t be Sexy

🟢 Make your presentation #Sexy

🟢 ...and You will be Memorable

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Cécile is an international presentation skills trainer and keynote speaker. She works with Corporations, Universities, and professionals. She is dedicated to helping her clients become the speaker they want to be and inspire the change they want to see. She also delivers inspirational and educational keynotes at industry conferences and universities.

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