SEXY - It's not what you think!

To make your message memorable you need to apply the acronyms of SUCCESS.

Today – it is about making your presentation SEXY!

Let's summarize what makes a message memorable:

- Simple – less is more

- Unexpected – break the expectations of a pattern

- Concrete – show, do not tell

- Credible – make people believe what we have to say

- Emotional – Get people to care

- Stories – the best chance for your message to be remembered.

🔵 …and the last one should be ….SEXY!

✅ I am not talking about how short your dress is but how long you engage your audience for!

✅ I am not talking about how deep your décolleté is but how high you lift the spirit of the room!

✅ I am not talking about how tight your shirt is but how ample is your generosity toward your audience.

Being #Confident is sexy.

Being #Vulnerable is sexy

Being #Authentic is sexy

🔵 Sexy is also referring to the attractiveness of your #topic, the likability of your #delivery, the enjoyability of your #content…because it is how your Presentation becomes SEXY!

🔴 Make Yourself Memorable

🔴 and Your #presentation won’t be Sexy

🟢 Make your presentation #Sexy

🟢 ...and You will be Memorable

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