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Are you willing to take the risk?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Once upon a time, in the city of Zürich Switzerland, when industry conferences could gather over 400 people in the same room for hours of Keynote....

The conference is organized by a blue-chip International company.

Speaker number one gets introduced, goes on stage, gets the applaud, and starts his presentation to CEO's of the major corporations which headquarters are in Switzerland (Think mainly Banks, Pharmaceutical, Blockchain, Insurances....)

Nothing exceptional, standard, but not bad. He is an expert in his domain. He sounds like he knows his topic. Suddenly his speech gets a bit erratic, his eyes are looking for support.

The prompter with his speaking notes went black.

Drops of sweats on his forehead are shining under the stage spotlights.

He is stuttering, his pace of voice quickening.

His Presentation is partially ruined because of a technical glitch.

Speaker number two goes on stage. She invested time and Presentation skills training sessions to make sure she is ready to deliver a rather technical topic to a non-technical audience.

For the last month, she has been craftingpracticingadjusting her speech and her delivery.

As Speaker number one gives her the floor he stutters with a mix of panic and anger that the prompter is not working. For her, no problem, she has the presentation so well-rehearsed that she completely ignores the technicians trying hard to fix the prompter for her.

She is present.

She connects with the audience.

She even has fun.

Her impact and capacity to influence are strong. Her speech is done within the remit of the time allocated by the organizers.

The feedback she receives is amazing. Her confidence is boosted. Her visibility increases and soon enough new speaking opportunities are coming her way.

This is a true story that happens to my client. and I love writing success stories like that.

Knowing that eventually, one day, in a month, a season, or a year, you can go back on stage in front of hundreds of professionals....are you willing to take the risk of presenting without proper skills and preparation?

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