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BE CONCRETE - if they can see it, they will remember it!

Updated: May 31, 2022

To make your message memorable you need to apply the acronyms of SUCCES: be simple – unexpected – concrete – credible – emotional and use stories.

Today, let's see how you can be concrete

"....Well, I've come up with a number of synergies in the value chain. My value proposition was to seamlessly integrate our customer service reps. "

This is a typical sentence I picked up from a presentation I evaluated. …business jargon is NOT concrete….and when you talk like that your teammates are switching off….and if I ask you to repeat the sentence, most of you won’t remember it.

When I say: "Value Proposition" What do you see? Can you visualize it?

Been concrete is about bringing elements in your talk that people can visualize.

Let's pick up another example that is abstract: CONFIDENCE

Can you see it? not easy right?

But if I tell you that CONFIDENCE is going after Moby Dick on a rowing boat and taking the Tartar sauce with you may be able to visualize something that

Perfect to understand that with CONFIDENCE, when you start you know you are going to successfully complete the task ahead.

...and it will stick in your memory.

For abstract concepts: use metaphors or analogies.

If there is no real picture, it will not stick in the memory of your audience.

Being CONCRETE is articulating your idea so people see what you are saying…

if they can see it, they will remember it!

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