INTERVIEW - The importance of having a comprehensive communication plan for exiting the lockdown.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

  • Is the end of the COVID19  Lockdown really the end of the crisis?

  • What should Management Teams be communicating to their employees & external stakeholders at this point of the Crisis?

  • Should CEO’s have the answers to everything?

This second Speak4Impact interview will address the importance of having a comprehensive communication strategy plan for exiting the current lockdown.

For this topic, I choose to interview Emmanuelle Hervé, CEO of EH&A Consulting, a Paris based Crisis Management and Communication Agency (

Emmanuelle started her career in India and in the Middle and Near East as a qualified engineer.

She joined the US chemicals group DuPont de Nemours for whom she developed the MENA market. Ten years ago she returned to France where she pursued a career in crisis management consulting. Emmanuelle is also:

  • Chairwoman of the AFNOR and the ISO Committees dedicated to on-line reputation

  • An active member of the safety committee of CIAN (French Council of Investors in Africa)

  • A Field expert of UNIDO (United Nations Organization for Industrial Development)

  • A Crisis communication expert BFMTV (Damage to the reputation of brands and leaders).

In the 13-minute interview you will discover:

  • What makes the COVID19 episode so special?

  • What should CEO’s be addressing both internally and externally?

  • What are the other challenges ahead?

  • …and why do all of these matters greatly?

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