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It takes courage to speak up, and it also takes courage to shut up and listen.

Courage: the ability to do something that frightens you

Story from my sessions.

As a line manager, my client has identified problems with the digital efforts and innovation process his company is going through.

There are two major issues. A meeting is set up to bring them up to upper management.

At the meeting, my client feels he is walking on eggs. The company campaigns for a positive & open culture yet, the ambiance is toxic, to say the least.

My client uses the communication tools of influence we worked on. The rhetoric techniques support him to find the courage to speak up.

And he does.

One executive persists on bringing out a topic that is not linked with the solution and tries to steer the discussion to his domain of expertise.

My client stands firm on his set objectives and has to politely re-focus the discussion away from the hidden agenda.

The majority of the upper management accepts his idea. The benefits of the solutions are clear.

My client leaves the meeting with the green light to implement his proposal.

Yet, frustrated to witness that despite his courage to speak up, one executive did not have the courage to shut up and listen.

Is this situation familiar?

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