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"Red Lips" Nina Meier-Kollros- Exhibition Opening

Updated: May 31, 2022

It started with having a conversation with Nina about two paintings she was going to exhibit.

Nina and I agreed to keep the conversation recorded on an audio file. Later, I could offer to make an opening speech with the ideas raised while conversing and sharing our emotions triggered by these portraits.

Below you will find the two portraits

and the text used for the opening of the exhibition.

Red lips are a symbol of grace and beauty – of boldness and power

They are noticeable by their contrast.

A red satin smile clashing with a pale complexion,

A strawberry gloss betraying a shy expression.

Nina’s exhibition is taking us on a journey of contrasts

An artistic metaphor of a life journey, a transformation, an evolution

…and the emotional opposition of two portraits.

One gracefully attentive to social expectations,

And the other overflowing with intimate rebellion & raw confidence

But between you and me ….Nina told me…It is the same woman!

Painting from Nina Meier-Kollros

She represents everything that society expects from her: be proper, pretty, and perfect.

Cover yourself up with all the adornment so no one can see the real you.

Her story is universal. She was told to follow the rules and did what is expected to comply, to be part of, to be included.

She is lost for being someone else.

She is the forefront and the background but she is absent.

Looking away, she coldly reacts to what is expected from her.

In symbioses with nature, she is watching the world from a distance with a critical gaze.

What is the point of being part of a world that sees tenderness, kindness, and empathy as weaknesses? She is torn. She is amazing.

If she was your friend, you would want to tell her….”Go on!”, “Lean in”- “ You have it” – “Go for it”.

What if right now she hears you and decides to put on a bright red lipstick to highlight her mouth so that people know her words are important…

Painting from Nina Meier-Kollros

She has it!

She is fully taking over the all painting.

She is enough.

No more accessories needed.

Being present and authentic, full and earthy, imperfect, and real …and it does not exclude her.

Now she knows.

Complying is dying. She is choosing to be alive

Sensual, sultry, and sexy …Nina confided in me that for some observers, this portrait is disturbing; while others fall in love with her.

The haters, the lovers…always in contrast.

Look at her soft and gentle sarcastic smile.

A subtle dash of pink spread across a cheek flirting with a vibrant yellow.

A faded background merging to the preciseness of a human expression.

Everything around her is messy and wild.

She stays focused, set, and still.

Her deep eye sockets are so dark.

She is no more looking at the world behind the glass window of her pretty eyes.

She is Presence, without performance.

Presence without compliance.

Red lips are a symbol of grace and beauty – of boldness and power

They are noticeable by their contrast

Two portraits, two stories … one woman

Nina’s motivation for this exhibition and the many more to come is that she wants people to reflect on their own emotions through her art. This speech was just one of the thousand possible interpretations.

Now it is time to extend an invitation to pause your busy lives, switch off your phones, leave the stress of reaching goals and deadlines. Slow down, take the time, and welcome the emotions triggered by these portraits.

Red lips are contrast, let yourself be carried away by them.

Nina Meier Kollros Website:

Cécile Bastien Remy and Nina Meier-Kollros at the vernissage - Art Point - Lachen (SZ) - Switzerland
"Red Lips" Nina Meier-Kollros- Ausstellungseröffnung - Exhibition Opening - 24 Sept. 2020 in Lachen (SZ) Switzerland

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