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The best warm-up routine before a corporate presentation (I do it myself, too!) 👌

Your body is the best tool you can use to get your message across.

Do you know that only a fraction of our communication comes from what we are saying?

Most of it comes from our body language and how we speak, stand, or move. 😯

That’s why warming up before getting on stage or behind the podium is crucial.

Without a warm-up routine, your muscles will be tense & people will notice. 😐

Consider a presentation like practising a sport. Players or athletes warm up before the game to perform at their full potential & avoid injuries.💪

The same goes for presentations.

By now, you know that how you speak results from the effective use of specific muscles (lips, tongue, throat).👄

To deliver an impeccable presentation without awkward moments, you must train your muscles & treat them gently, both before and during your speech.

Here is an exercise I meticulously do before any presentation, speech, or even webinar.

Watch my short video to discover how to stretch your facial muscles before starting a speech or presentation.

FUN FACT: I saw that clip from the recording of a recent webinar while I was doing this exercise to warm up. It’s 100% real, with no editing, so excuse my French (literally & metaphorically) 🫢


If you still have questions about how to make your presentation impactful & inspire with it, feel free to 📧 contact me.

No robot or automation there, just me, #therealCecile, 🙌 to respond to your message as soon as possible & connect.


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