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What can SPEAK4IMPACT do for you today?

Updated: May 31, 2022

First of all, how are you?

Are you feeling healthy and happy?

Now that the Pfizer-BioNTech runs in my veins, I had the utmost pleasure to give training in a room full of participants (8 of them!) at the beginning of the month!

I missed it so much!

Despite the excitement of being back in a training room, there were also some concerns

  • Zoom calls gave me the freedom of following notes…. would my memory be operational for facilitating two full days?

  • How would the voice and the breathing be impacted by the mask?

  • What about my physical stamina? Would I have issues standing, be present, and transfer my usual high energy that is required to lead a workshop?

Here is what happened: Thanks to you, I developed all of the skills over the years and they are intact…the only thing I struggled with was wearing high heels. Not bad for a new normal!

Who else is wondering how we can (re)connect in the new reality?

What communication challenges are you anticipating or anxious to face?

I love challenges. 2020 and 2021 have been more than generous in testing my personal grit and resilience.

Earlier this month the Speak4Impact became a grown-up. That is right, I am pleased to present to you, the newly founded SPEAK4IMPACT GmbH…why capital letters you may ask? because I like to think big!

“What can SPEAK4IMPACT do for you today ?”

SPEAK4IMPACT GmbH wants to make the world a better place; one leader, one idea, one speech at a time. It is the place for you to become the communicator you have always wanted to be and more importantly for you to inspire and make the change you want to see.

We supply our vision by delivering group as well as 1-to-1 communication training and keynote speeches to influence, impact, and inspire.

Our activities are built on the following 4 values: Resilience, equality, creativity, and knowledge development.


The TEDx talk “Bounce Forward” is still getting booked as the Resilience process has been an ever-present topic over the last 15 months. However, bouncing forward is not enough for a life-long resiliency. The need to develop the follow-up was pressing. Now “Bounce Further” is ready and has already been delivered. The corporations that booked my Keynotes did so to address the uncertainty, fear, and disengagement felt by their employees. “Bouncing Further” brings an additional framework – a takeaway the audience can implement very easily, a toolbox of sorts that gives resilience into a longer-term perspective.


…nothing wrong with having some fun while using what you have at your disposal to support what matters most to you…

Since March 2021, I have been posting videos on social media portraying women who have inspired me. Some touched me emotionally, others supported me, some gave me an idea, or just simply I was in awe at their accomplishments.

Spreading positivity, one video, one message at a time is how I support this cause close to my heart…without burning my bra.


Creativity is contagious! To put a point on it, I wanted to develop some more writing and speechcraft techniques and as such, I immersed myself in the following course and workshop.

- Creative Speechwriting: by Simon Lancaster, author and one of the world’s top speechwriters

- Copywriting Course – The Copy Cure by Marie Forleo

Knowledge Development:

Being right has never really been persuasive!

To fine-tune what I can pass on to you on communicating with influence, I attended the training organized by Swiss Leaders: Leading with the tools of rhetoric - “How to impart an opinion in a hostile environment” - based on the Byzantine Rhetoric by Grégoire Sommer (Rhetoric Studies Laboratories). It was great and I cannot wait to share the mechanisms I learned with all of you!

So excited to see, hear or read from you!

We made it this far, it would be an honor to carry on helping you on your journey to becoming the communicator you deserve to be.

The Speak4Impact Academy Become the communicator you deserve to be!

This program gives you the structure and guided practice needed to become a highly competent communicator. Whether you are a Corporate Leader, a Project Manager, or simply feel the need to work on your presentation skills, having to inspire and convince investors or co-workers to engage in your work, get the promotion you deserve or life project. Your ability to communicate confidently and efficiently will lead you to success. Your future depends on it.


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