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Real Confidence: #3 - Focus on "What IS" instead of "What IF".

Updated: May 31, 2022

Focus on “what is” instead of “What if”!

When you panic before a presentation, here is what might happen:

You start to anticipate outcomes that have not yet happened.

Fear transforms you into a Fiction Writer:

« …what will happen if I get a question from the CEO?

….What will happen if my computer crashes?

...what if I forgot what I want to say?"

It is a spiral down from this point on and « Armageddon » is playing in your mind.

Picture from the Movie "Armageddon"
Picture from the Movie "Armageddon"

Seneca said: “Our fears are more numerous than our dangers, and we suffer more in our imagination than in reality. »  

When you catch yourself having the “What if” thoughts, bring your mind back to the present moment by describing “What is”.

  • What you see in the meeting room or on your screen (There are 6 metallic chairs and an oval wooden table, I see 5 icons and my word document software s open...)

  • What your body sensations feel like (my shoes are comfortable, I have a cool draft in my neck…),

  • What you smell (warm coffee).

To Speak with confidence, ditch the “WHAT IF” triggering FEAR and re-focus on the “WHAT IS” bringing you back in the present moment.

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