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Will 2021 be better?

Well as the saying goes, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery..."

In January 2020, I shared my TEDx Talk entitled “Bounce Forward” which was on the resilience process learned through my car crash in 1993 that left me 45% disabled and 100% heartbroken.

Little did I know that Resilience was going to be the red thread of 2020.

If you want a feel-good read, continue on as this one hits the spot!

Let us celebrate Speak4Impact's client’s successes in 2020.

Despite a truly demanding year, my clients have been reaping the benefits of investing in their communication skills.

Without any doubt, many have told me that it plays up as the most rewarding investment they have made, with solid and robust long-term ROI.

What is to celebrate then?

Career & Promotions

  • Promoted from Senior Business Development Manager to Head of Institutional Sales. (Finance)

  • Promoted from Director to Managing Director. (Finance)

  • Promoted from Senior Supply Chain Analyst to Global Supply Chain Manager. (Food and Beverages)

  • 12 private clients went from petrified to speak in public to showing and feeling confident!

Pitching for More Business Success

  • Combined total of $180 Million in direct sales. (that I know of!)

  • 5 Corporate Leaders pitching internally for ideas and new products.

  • Worked with 6 Startups to sharpen their pitches.

  • Boosted the presentation skills of 3 teams of high potential Entrepreneurs via the Kickstart Innovation program.

Visionary Leaders/CEO Speech Coaching

  • Visionary speech to support a culture change of a 150-employee corporation. (Healthcare)

  • Crisis and Damage control communication. (Travel)

  • Pediatric Cancer Treatment lobbying speech for the French Senate. (Public Affairs)


Creativity, Resilience, Equality, and Justice are important values that I live and work by.

Hence, I donated my time in the form of communication webinars to the following organizations:

The final part of the saying that I started with is "...and today is a gift, that is why it is called the Present."

May your communication skills be strong in 2021!

If they need to be stronger, let’s talk soon.

Maybe you can make a Present to yourself. 😀

To your success, to your health, to your happiness in 2021!!!


Do you want to make a difference for yourself and the world?

Become a competent speaker, a confident communicator, manage your Fear of Public Speaking and work on your presentation skills: Check the list of the Group Training Events, Individual & Corporate Programmes. All available Online.



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