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“In a group of pure Alphas, you will not be heard!”

Updated: May 31, 2022

“In a group of pure Alphas, you will not be heard!”

This was the #feedback one of my private clients received from his managers. He contacted the #Learning department of his company and wanted to learn how to communicate to be more Alpha amongst Alphas!

We met for a 60-minute session.

You know an “alpha male” when you see one. These are people who aren’t happy unless they’re the top dogs. The confident decision-makers whom everyone else defers.

Monika Sumra used "Alpha" for the first time in 1921.

She is an academic anthropologist who studied the hierarchy of Chickens.

How much of the supposed “alpha” behaviors in the wild exist and apply to humans?

Alpha males are a real concept amongst some primates: The male who eats first, whom others move out of the way for. Looking for submissive behavior from peers. In some species, It manifests with biological changes. For example, male Mandrill becomes an alpha when his testosterone levels rise and his testicles grow larger.

Alphas have duties: The alpha is in charge of keeping harmony within the community by solving conflicts. He holds responsibility for protecting others in the group from predators or other males attempting to take control. To do so, he needs help from other males. Hence, it’s in his best interest to keep those males close and have good relationships.

Human alpha males could look to develop these primate attributes.

Evolving into a natural leader whom others defer to and trust for leadership.

But using the attributes of alpha males within corporations to justify their existence among humans gets messy. Being an alpha isn’t a natural quality: It’s a status earned. (Understand: replacing male/fighting for protection). In the wild, the cohort stays together implying one specific organizational dynamic.

Our reality is that we juggle different groups all the time. We are not expected to be the authoritative leader in all of them. (management, peers, friends, community, family...)

Your corporation might have been supporting part of the “Alpha” behavior. Despite sharing 97% of our DNA with some primates, Alpha display is not the only option to have a voice, be respected, and be influential.

Mimicking Alpha's behavior and looking for submission instead of collaboration is not going to work in the long run.

In your company, your stakeholders are looking for real connections. Humble confidence, empathy, and support from their leaders.

What did my client and I talk about for one hour?

We concentrated on bridging communication techniques to increase the quality of the arguments. We also picked the best structure for the topic and message to be understood. Before all, my client left wanting to serve the audience's needs rather than monkeying a behavior that is not part of his value system.

My job as a #communication coach is not to make you someone you are not. I bring #competence and #confidnece to reveal your #authentic self to the world.

The Speak4Impact Academy Become the communicator you deserve to be!

This program gives you the structure and guided practice needed to become a highly competent communicator. Whether you are a Corporate Leader, a Project Manager, or simply feel the need to work on your presentation skills, having to inspire and convince investors or co-workers to engage in your work, get the promotion you deserve or life project. Your ability to communicate confidently and efficiently will lead you to success. Your future depends on it.


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