Real Confidence: #5 - Breathe Confidence in, exhale Fear out.

Breathe Confidence in, exhale Fear out.

Or how to use your respiration to manage strong and negative emotions before a corporate presentation (virtual or not!).

When anxiety, fear, and panic sabotage our confidence when we communicate, one of the symptoms we experience is “shallow breathing”.

Breathing from the upper part of our lungs making us sound short of breath and feeding our fear.

Look at yourself in the mirror, if your shoulders are moving up and down when you breathe, it is very likely that your breathing is not deep enough to help you manage your negative emotions.

The science behind breathing found out that:

  • it calms our brains,

  • regulates blood pressure,

  • controls emotions,

  • enhances memory,

  • and boosts the immune system.

Who does not want all of that!!

Let me introduce you to Five Breaths to Conquer Fear, and Anxiety before a presentation

#1: In / Out

Breathe in, thinking “In”.

Breathe out, thinking “Out”.

#2: Deep / Slow

Now take a deep breath in thinking “Deep”.

Hold the breath in your body for a few seconds.

Then exhale very slowly, thinking “Slow”.

#3: Calm / Ease

Breathe in thinking “Calm”.

Feel the breath relaxing your body as you inhale.

Hold the breath, which is easing tension in you as you hold it.

Then breathe out thinking “Ease”, feeling a sense of ease as you exhale.

#4: Smile / Release

Breathe in smiling, feeling the healing, nourishing oxygen in your body.

Feel the air healing your body, restoring you to a peaceful state.

As you hold the breath for a few seconds, imagine it radiating health inside you.

Then breathe out thinking “Release”, releasing all of the tension in your body through your exhale.

#5: Here / Now

Breathe in - "Here"

Breathe out - "Now"

This breath ends the exercise by really bringing you into the present moment.

You can also try The Five Fingers technique as described in the article link here and get a full-on scientific explanation of what happens when your mind is going a million miles a minute. To slow it down, try it!

Next time you are about to give a presentation to your Team on Webex…

Breathe Confidence In - Exhale Fear out

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