UNEXPECTED - The second of the six principles that make your message stick

To make your message memorable you need to apply the acronyms of S-U-C-C-E-S: Simple – Unexpected – Concrete – Credible – Emotional and use Stories.

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Today we look at 3 elements to create something UNEXPECTED


Start your speech with the use of a strong attention grabber – a question, a startling statement, or even a story…

Create curiosity and novelty as soon as you open your mouth!

2. Use the rule of 3 and .…BREAK THE PATTERN

Think of it as 2 consecutive words supporting the same idea(s), then add a third one that would be odd or different from what is expected.

It creates a surprise resulting in your audience feeling entertained or teased.

For example,

- "I love Technology, Neuroscience, and video of cats on Instagram."

- "I am so thrilled, happy, and terrified to be here!"

3. Use of Rhetorical questions

Perfect to use them as a transition in your development

- "Why can’t we innovate when competition can?"

- "How to stop screwing yourself over in your next performance review?"

Your choice of words can also create some surprises!

In summary, to make your message stick create the unexpected

- in your introduction,

- break the logical pattern of the rule of 3

- ask rhetorical questions

Next week will be about being Concrete! Show, do not tell!

....communication is everything!

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