The act of Persuasion, a life constant. #3

✅ Speakers, participants, listeners, spectators…so many players can be involved when we are trying to convince.

🔵Based on the roles, we can divide up the diversity of “persuasion” situations into 4 different rhetoric dynamics.

1️⃣ The monologue

A one-sided context where the speaker is not subjected to any counterarguments. (Speech, presentations, YouTube / Social Media videos..)

2️⃣ The deliberation

Individuals are for one another speakers, listeners, and participants. Each speaker defends her/his position and tries to convince the others or is open to being convinced by others. The goal is a consensual agreement.

3️⃣ The competitive debate

Each speaker confronts their positions knowing that no one will convince the other. The main reason is based on the existence of an irreconcilable difference (values, interests, egos..). To show that we are right is to show that others are wrong, and vice versa.

4️⃣ The conflict

Participants confront their positions. There will be no positive outcome. It exists for the pleasure of the confrontation itself - without ever leading to the satisfaction of persuading the others.

👉🏻 Which ones of these dynamics do you feel the most comfortable with?

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