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The act of Persuasion, a life constant. #4

Updated: May 31, 2022

✅ The whole persuasion process is based on 3 dimensions:

1️⃣ The arguments that the speaker proposes,

2️⃣ The impression that the speaker projects,

2️⃣ The emotions that the speaker awakens.

Let’s zoom in on the topic of “arguments”.

✅ An argument is a reason or set of reasons given in support of an idea, action, or theory.

🔵 To persuade, we need to select “good” arguments.

🟢 An argument is good when it is RIGOROUS and EFFICIENT.🟢

🔵 RIGOROUS: It respects the rules of logic, conforms to reality, and proofed data.

🔵 EFFICIENT: Must be able to have a great persuading power regardless of its logic or reality. It is always a relative efficiency, interdependent on the audience receiving it.

👉🏻 How do you select your arguments?

👉🏻 What influences your choice?

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